Friday, November 17, 2006

Is this a mistake?

Our second — read "unused" therefore useless — car has been for sale for a full month without much action. I think $4,000 is a very fair price for the Buick, or Olds, or whatever the hell kind of big-ass car it is.

It's gold. I know that. Also, it was a police car, which gives it a hint of mystery.

Anyway, it's paid for so, whatever. But it'd be nice to have the money so we're dropping the price to $3,700. Some guy has been driving by real slow-like in recent days and another guy, probably the same guy, called and said he's interested.

All this is happening while temperatures are barely past freezing, I'm baking my way into family obesity (and not bake in the groovy kind of way) and the bus continues to operate like a foreign-language instruction booklet.

I've fear I've gone from well-meaning mom to neighborhood crazy.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Bloomington-Normal Public Transit: Still annoying.

So I've been riding the bus for almost five months now. Today, I was headed to the bookstore for an interview and decided to take the bus.

Nearly at my stop, I decided to ask the bus driver where exactly it was.

Pull the handle, my driver Joy said, just so you can learn how.

Another rider said, "So simple yet so elegant."

Nothing I love more about public transportation than the public humiliation. It's a wonder more people don't give it a try.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Saving the planet one walk at a time

Slate Magazine has issued a "Green Challenge" to help people use less energy. Week One? Drive less.

I love self-affirmation. No, I am not a crazy lady wandering around the neighborhood. Yes, my ideas are valid.


I'm changing the scope of this blog a little. I'll continue posting a few time a week about my no driving adventures and things I read related to energy, but since this is no longer July, and I do drive a car, I feel a little disingenuous claiming that I walk everywhere.

Perhaps after the New Year I'll make an effort for some continuity and quick tips I picked up, but it's much too nice outside to begin such a project.