Friday, November 17, 2006

Is this a mistake?

Our second — read "unused" therefore useless — car has been for sale for a full month without much action. I think $4,000 is a very fair price for the Buick, or Olds, or whatever the hell kind of big-ass car it is.

It's gold. I know that. Also, it was a police car, which gives it a hint of mystery.

Anyway, it's paid for so, whatever. But it'd be nice to have the money so we're dropping the price to $3,700. Some guy has been driving by real slow-like in recent days and another guy, probably the same guy, called and said he's interested.

All this is happening while temperatures are barely past freezing, I'm baking my way into family obesity (and not bake in the groovy kind of way) and the bus continues to operate like a foreign-language instruction booklet.

I've fear I've gone from well-meaning mom to neighborhood crazy.


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