Saturday, September 09, 2006

Failing again.

I had the most annoying bus experience. EVER. Take 300 college sophomores, many from the suburbs with an inherent, very vocal disdain for public transit. Add Wal-Mart and six shopping bags per student.

Now, in the midst of calming a cranky baby and trying to reassure a suddenly people-phobic toddler, make sure to forget to ask for one of the five transfers needed to get to the store (Meijer, not Wal-Mart, for the record) to buy a mouse for a late-90s model Mac because your new computer is still in the shop, especially if it's the last transfer and that route only runs once an hour and you have a baby, now very cranky, a toddler, no stroller and a mile separating you from home.

I mentioned the college students, right?

Da-dan-da-dannnn. Steve to the rescue, yet again. Seriously, if I was alone with the girls and didn't have a car, I would so totally be shopping at the gas station. They sell pizza. How bad could it be?

And FYI, nothing feels quite as ghetto as waiting on the street corner with your two kids for your husband to come drive you home. I swear, I'm never going out again. NEVER.

OK, maybe some day, but not tomorrow.

How many times can I fail before I finally give it up and realize I need a car. Ten? Twenty? A hundred?

Did I mention that my computer is pre-Turn of the Century? Awesome.


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