Thursday, July 27, 2006

Day 27: Please can we watch the PowerPoint one more time

Have you ever seen that mother letting her toddler eat donuts off the shelf at the grocery store?

Before you judge her too harshly, consider her transportation mode. If she takes a bus, chances are she can’t just drop everything and properly punish little Damien when he starts pulling soup cans onto the floor.

Does she drop everything and sit him down, making the whole trip a two to three hour wash? Does she try to sit him down in the store, when doing so result in missing the bus? God forbid, does she spank him?

So instead of watching Carolyn’s head spin around in a complete circle while spewing profanities and pea soup at me, the family and I abandoned a shopping trip and opted for cheerleader watching. Really, we’re not creepy, just stranded at Illinois State University in what I assume is cheerleading camp week.

Normal. Home to ISU. So it’s a nice little town, trying to recreate itself in the midst of a boom, with a huge focus on downtown, although the high school was just built several miles from downtown because that’s where the growth is, apparently.

But hope abounds. “An Inconvenient Truth,” which my husband and I saw last week at the downtown theater (options really are limited), is being shown for a second week because demand was so high.

Isn’t that awesome!

And this isn’t because I don’t love Al Gore, because I do, but I really wish this movie wasn’t being viewed as having a political agenda. When a bunch of middle-aged guys with ponytails start applauding the movie, I wonder if maybe he's preaching to the choir.

I don’t know the answer to, well, to anything, but how the hell do you get a Christian SAHM (housewife people, it’s housewife) to believe her driving habits are hurting her children.

Anyway, as PowerPoint presentations go, it’s pretty impressive. Go see it today.


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