Saturday, July 29, 2006

Day 28: Help!

I went into the downtown bike shop to see how much it would cost to get something to run errands with the girls. They guy said I could get a bike for about $200 (fine) but that the carrier for my daughters on the back of the bike is really hard to find, and if I can find one, it'll be expensive.

That seems unlikely to me. With the internet and all, is it really that hard to find one of these things. The guy wasn't super helpful, so now I'm thinking there's a specific kind of carrier I need but I'm not so sure. He did tell me seats are out, but not why.

Anyway, he seemed busy.

My husband and I had another date night last night, which was kind of ruined by a stomach bug kind of thing. We came home early, catching the last bus of the night at 8:30 p.m., which I realize is a little sad.

But I can't badmouth the mode of transportation that saved us last night.

It was still more than 90 degrees outside when we got home. Stomach bug. Excessive heat.

And I thought "An Inconvenient Truth" was a little unromantic. Turns out, it was like Valentine's Day on steroids compared to last night.


At 9:18 AM, Blogger Eric said...

$200 seems a little on the cheap side; if you plan on using the bike much more past the last three days of July, I'd recommend spending at least $400—anything less than that, and you're probably going to get something more cheaply-built that might not capably handle the stresses of transporting three human beings.

But then I'm a bit of a bike nut, so might be best not to listen to me. :)

Your counterparts in Seattle use a Burley (scroll down for picture), which apparently doubles as a stroller as well (bonus!). Burley has a decent section on their website for family cycling.

It sounds like you want something that allows you to carry both children on the bicycle itself for ease of parking the bike, is that right? (I wouldn't want the hassle of trying to lock up a Burley trailer, but with the Walk-n-Roller it looks like you could convert it to a stroller once you reach your destination. Pretty handy!)

"Seats are out" is technically right—I saw women carrying two children on bicycles in Tokyo, but the handy-dandy carrying racks they have there aren't likely to come to our litigious shores any time soon. I don't think I've ever seen anyone in the States safely carrying more than one child on a bicycle, so really the trailer's your only option until one or both children are old enough to cycle on their own.

You're right about the internet, though; searching for some possibilities, I found this opinion piece that suggests trailers are the way to go. includes the , which, combined with a rear carrier, would allow you to carry two children on one bike. I wouldn't recommend it, though—the balance of a bike carrying two children like that (especially as they get older) would be quite the challenge. also came up in my brief searches, and claims to have "unbiased reviews", so they might also be a good resource for more information.

Wow, I write long comments, don't I. I'll conclude this now. :)

At 6:56 PM, Blogger iwanagain said...

Thanks Eric.
That's super helpful. It's because of you and a few others that I've really given cycling as a major mode of transportation some real thought.
And hey, no worries about your lengthy comments. Some of us just have more to say :)
thanks again.


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