Sunday, July 30, 2006

Day 29: Petering out.

It sure doesn’t help that it’s, like, 100 degrees out, my baby has a teething fever and I have mentally prepared myself for a shopping trip Tuesday, in a car.

So what if I’ve enforced a two-square toilet paper limit on my family. Everyone could learn to do a little more with less.

And in my defense, I went farmer’s market shopping, sans children, and did an awesome job of getting the most bang for my bus. Taking the bus without children is so easy.

All this negativism is compounded by a baby who refused to sleep last night, opting instead for wails that kept poor Carolyn awake as well. Solution? This is really awful. Driving. See. I told you it was awful.

Any parent of small children knows when all else is hopeless, a car trip helps soothe a miserable baby. So Steve took Penelope out, twice, including a medicine run at 5 a.m. to Walgreen’s in slippers.

More of the same is expected for the next two days, especially Sunday with no buses running. I just hope the toliet paper situation doesn't worsen.


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