Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Who knew I was this smart!?

In college, I got a D in economics. And not the kind with a plus behind it.

Not really my strong point. I'm more from a bitter-but-loveable ilk who would rather get in a fist fight than balance my checkbook.

So why is it that I instinctively know Americans are spending too much mc-flippin' money. Is it the miles of 5,000 square foot mansions? Is it the retail strips rich with construction and minivans?

Who knows. But Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke said the current generation need to stop spending so much money. or they're going to totally screw future generations. Medicare and Social Security? Who needs those??

"Bernanke said a 4% cut in consumption by the current generation is necessary to avoid a 14% cut in the future."

So parents are worried today about carseats, crib bumpers, food allergens, fancy preschools, the competitive edge and how cool their daughter's jeans are. Why isn't anybody worried about their future? Isn't saving a little extra worth it if it keeps little Jenny from turning to the streets or little Timmy from the needle? Well, anyway, don't we want their lives to be better from our own?

Oh wait. Sorry. I know the answer to that one.

But Bernanke put it best today when he said:

"These numbers shouldn’t be taken literally but the basic lesson is surely right--that the decisions that we make over the next few decades will matter greatly for the living standards of our children and grandchildren. "


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