Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The one-car household: Not as easy as I thought

I'd just like to say, Steve and I are not salespeople. Frankly, we suck.

That said, our second car, a 1999 Olds Intrigue with 115,000 miles has been on the market for about two months. That poor car has just sat in our garage/driveway/curb since July, taking up our valuable, limited space.

So we're selling it. We looked at the Blue Book value. We compared it to like cars and we slapped a price on it. Turns out, we needed to do a little more.

One guy was interested. He took it into the dealer and they said it needed thousand of dollars of work. Thousands!

And our $3,600 price tag dropped to $1,000. That's barely enough to buy a bike. And seriously, we could really use the money.

Can't transportation karma throw anything my way? I guess not. On top of not being able to sell our second car, our first car is on the fritz, dripping a weird brown goo all over our driveway.

Please send creative ideas on what to do, other than insurance fraud. I'm worse at criminal activity than at selling things. It all makes me very nervous.


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