Thursday, December 14, 2006

More to life than walking

I've been feeling a little trapped lately. So I stopped driving. So what? So the neighbors look at me weird as I walk the girls around the block on 20-degree days.

Walking to Normal public library a couple of days ago, I passed the Ecology Action Center. I knew of their existence, but figured they wouldn't be interested in likes of my only-recently-green help. When I got home, I looked them up online and saw they had an online newsletter.

That's so cool, I thought. I wish I could help them with that.

So on a whim, which usually yields my most successful projects (no time to write-in my neurosis) I wrote them volunteering my writing or whatever they need.

They seemed thrilled. Welcome on board, they said. Join our editorial committee. It turns out, that was their first newsletter and they're looking for ways to reach out to their members.

Awesome. Finally, a good place to put energy.


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